Vyayama – Benefit Of Physical Exercise

VyayamaExercise is a type of physical work which produces exertion in the body. It has a great role in maintaining a healthy & balanced life. In earlier times people use to do their work by without being dependent on any instrument so there was no requirement for additional exercise. Due to development of electronic instruments in today’s’ time, most of our physical exercise has been reduced.

Physical exercise brings about lightness in the body, increases the ability to do work & tolerance, power, and reduces the increased Dosha of the body. It increases Agni (digestive power) of body and thus helps to digest every type of diet including an incompatible diet also (viruddha ahara) which produces slow poison in the body.

According to Ayurveda improper digestion is the main cause of maximum number of diseases. Unknowingly we are taking many incompatible diets in our day-to-day life, which are so habituated in our life , that it is quiet difficult to avoid them. So exercise is a good solution for this; it is the best method of reducing obesity, which is a burning problem of present era and the root-cause of several diseases.

So, proper exercise is essential as it reduces the laziness, strengthens the immune system and produces a harmonic & balanced physique.

Vyayama1As the weaker animals like deer never come in front of lion, disease never come to a person who does regular exercise. It is very essential to excerscise in winter and autumn seasons, as even heavy exercise does not hamper with the functioning of the body. In all other seasons’ one should exercise only up-to half strength i.e. till the approach of exertive respiration (Shrama Swasa) from heart.

One should exercise according to age, strength, physique and diet and in moderation. Excessive exercise is also dangerous for the body. It may produce extreme tiredness, excess thirst, dizziness, loss of appetite, bleeding from nose etc.

Seeing the benefit of exercise we should include it accordingly in our daily routine, to maintain a healthy life.


About Author:

Dr. Anupama Patra

Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital


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