ARUCHI (Loss of appetite or Anorexia)

Aruchi as known to be the inability to eat food irrespective of hunger or aversion towards food


Aruchi can be co-related to modern term ANOREXIA (lack of loss of appetite or food). In modern terminology it’s considered to be a disorder but in Ayurveda Aruchi is considered to be a form of symptom more associated with some disease.


Arochka – According to Ayurveda is a condition manifested due to affliction of Annavaha Srotas (G.I. Tract) in association with Rasa Vaha Srotas (Circulatory System).

The cardinal symptoms are loss of desire towards food or absence of inclination for food.

The Three doshas that are not in equilibrium produces Aruchi. Vata Dosha (Prana anorexia– Udana and Samana), in association with Pitta (pachaka) play vital role in bringing about hunger. Hunger stimulates proper perception of taste. For the normal perception of taste, Kapha (Bodhaka -existing in mouth), Prana Vata (existing in head and neck) and Samana Vata (persisting in stomach) along with Pachaka Pitta should have proper co-ordination. If the relation is hampered or disturbed, anorexia is caused.

Reasons for loss of taste:
1. Excess intake of heavy and unctuous (oily) food
2. Indigestion and loss of digestive fire (digestion strength)
3. Psychological causes like fear, stress, and dissatisfaction etc
4. Secondary to worm infestation, anemia, jaundice, Kaphaja disorders etc
5. Incompatible food, unwholesome or polluted food intake etc

Types and their features:
1. Vataja Aruchi
Distress, pain in various body parts, cardiac pain, hypersensitivity of teeth, astringent taste in mouth etc. are found here
2. Paittik Aruchi (pitta origin)
Thirst, burning sensation, cutting pain, bitter – sour mixed pungent taste in the mouth and bad odor of the mouth are the features of this condition.
3. Kaphaja Aruchi
Sweet mixed salty taste in the mouth, sliminess, heaviness; coldness and nausea are the features of Kaphaja aruchi.

  1. Tridoshic Aruchi 15-01_TasteBuds
    Mixed features of all the Doshas are found.
    5. Agantuja Aruchi
    This kind of anorexia is caused due to stress, grief, fear, anger, greediness etc.


Management of Aruchi that can be done with some dietary and behavioral changes is –
1. Eat easily digestible food and food that helps in digestion like
a. Buttermilk
b. Kichdi
c. Mudga yusha (green moong dal soup)
d. Dadima (pomegranate)
e. Ginger

  1. Avoid taking water immediately after taking meals
  2. Eat on proper times
  3. Do not to have a full stomach meal
  4. Not to have unwholesome diet like
    Incompatible food
    b. Heavy food intake
    c. Curd
  5. Suppression of natural urges is not to be done.
  6. Stress, Anger should be avoided
  7. Aruchi associated with some disease should be treated along with the proper herbs mentioned by the doctor

                                                                                                                       Dr Vishakha Mahindroo                                                                                                                           Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital


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