Effective Solution for Throat ache and Tonsillitis

tonsillitisThroat ache which leads to the development of tonsils is a huge problem amongst almost everyone, especially children. With changing weather, one falls a victim of throat ache very soon and the discomfort from the pain in the throat makes the patient look everywhere for solutions. Throat ache may be caused by consuming spicy food, oily food or ice cold food. And if untreated, the soreness may become severe and turn into tonsillitis and then, antibiotics becomes compulsory for the patient to take, which may harm the growth in children. A visit of the doctor and medicines will also result in hundreds of rupees in bills.

Kanth Sudha from Maharishi Ayurveda is the most effective solution to throat ache. The soothing properties with all natural and fresh taste provides immediate relief to sore throat and harshness. Kanth Sudha tastes so great that it is loved by children and adults alike.

It could be eaten anytime in the day and is a boon for people who need to speak and communicate all day such as sales people, singers, radio jockeys etc. The pocket sized product can be kept with and taken anywhere. Kanth Sudha can also be used as a mouth freshener.

When symptoms of throat irritation are felt by a person, he or she may take one or two grain sized lozenges and put them in the mouth and may suck on it. Another very effective way use the product is to keep it on top of the tongue before sleeping. Upon waking up, the patient will feel an unbelievable relieve in his/her throat.

Kanth Sudha therefore is not only highly effective, it also treats in the quickest time, saves medicinal bills, tastes great and can be used by all ages. It is a prime example of an authentic and undiluted ayurvedic medicine, which performs its treatment with the highest level of consistency and effectivity.


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